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Learning and Theme Communities

RU Lab Coats ("formally RU Lab Lakers")

Students in all science disciplines are offered the opportunity to be a part of the RU “Lab Coats”, through a productive and engaging community which caters specifically to the budding scientist. This living learning community offers Roosevelt students some of the following benefits free of charge:

  • Preference for room type and roommate on science floor and early registration for helps guarantee seat of high demand core courses
  • Productive study and living environment
  • Comfortable, supportive, live-in communities aid students in transition from high school to college life, including a special section of ACP 101 taught by science faculty
  • Formation of study groups for core science courses, while making new friends and other useful connections
  • Transfer students may also take advantage of learning community that fosters a connection with other likeminded students
  • Personal introduction to resources on campus which include; tutoring centers, 24 hour computer and internet access, library, labs, and research facilities
  • Informal opportunities to meet with science faculty members
  • Opportunities to form sub-interest groups and clubs, i.e., pre-health professionals, research groups, and journal clubs, which focus on specific topics of interest
  • Participation in local group outings to; Fermi Lab, Argonne National Laboratory, International Museum of Surgical Science, Botanic Gardens, and the Field Museum of National History
  • Group outings to local science related job fairs, connections to volunteer opportunities; e.g., La RaBida Children’s Hospital, Mercy Hospital, North Shore Hospital


College of Arts & Sciences, Academic Success Center, Career Center

Gender and Diversity Inclusion Community 

View the Gender & Diversity Inclusion Community Task Force Report

The Gender and Diversity Inclusion community has been established to support the diverse student population at Roosevelt and to examine contemporary issues and enhance student learning as they partake in programming that is sensitive to issues of gender, race, and ethnicity.  Specifically, Gender Inclusive Housing reflects Roosevelt University’s social justice mission through structured support of our diverse student body. This community promotes ethical awareness by providing a safe and supportive environment for students of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations.

Students interested in this housing option may include, but are not limited to, those who identify as transgender*, gender non-conforming*, intersex, genderqueer, and allies.

Students in this community agree that:

  • Individuals have the right to identify themselves as any gender or sexual orientation and have the right to not identify.
  • Individuals may change the way they identify their gender or sexual orientation

All residents are expected to be active members of this community by providing support and encouragement to each other both in and outside of the residence hall environment, and by participating in continuing education surrounding gender and sexual identity.”


Women and Gender Studies, Mansfeld Institute, Counseling Center

Theme Communities

Theme communities are designed to allow students with a common interest to live together in the same area of the Residence Hall.  Theme communities are not linked to specific courses.

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness Community creates an environment that encourages students to develop and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit as well as an examination of the current status of public health issues. Students participating in this program agree with Residence Life not to use or possess any illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco products while on the floor or return to the floor under the influence of such substances. The community will focus on academic success, learning, and leadership potential through creating an environment of optimal health. Students will lead and participate in Wellness Initiatives at Roosevelt including Intramurals, and the Wellbeing Council.

Partners:  Health Science faculty, Athletics/Intramurals, Student Organizations

Leadership and Social Change

The Leadership and Social Change community exposes students to theoretically based concepts of leadership, including a relational leadership model centered in social justice.  This community will challenge students to be increasingly global-oriented, will stretch students in their development of self and understanding of others, and support’s Roosevelt’s mission of creating socially conscious citizens.           

Partners:  CSI, Mansfeld Institute

Transfer Experience Community

The Transfer Experience Theme Community provides a supportive environment for transfer students to successfully transition into RU’s culture and community.  RU recognizes that the needs of transfer students vary significantly than that of the incoming freshman class and it is our hope that all transfer students feel the inclusion and pride associated with becoming a Laker. The Transfer Experience Theme Community offers housing solely with other transfer students and offers programs designed to meet the needs of our fantastic transfers.

Potential Partners:  CSI, Transfer Coordinator

Explore Chicago

The Explore Chicago community acquaints students with living in an urban environment. Programming will focus on the great city of Chicago and exploring its neighborhoods, cultures, people, institutions, organizations and urban issues. 

Partners:  Key identified faculty with expertise on Chicago, CSI

Global Village

The Global Village Community is designed to foster your global awareness and global citizenship.  International Students will be placed with domestic students to foster cross cultural understanding and maximize opportunity for learning.  It's ideal to live in this Learning Community if you are interested in contemporary global issues and cross-cultural diversity, or are planning on pursuing a career in a global field.

Partners:  International Programs, English Language Program

RU Making an Impact

RU Making an Impact takes Roosevelt's mission of Social Justice, and puts it into practice far beyond the basics. Members of this community will have the unique opportunity to go out into the city of Chicago and truly make an impact. They will have the chance to hear the stories of the people they are helping, and gain an understanding of what life is like through the experience of others. They will experience how by genuinely listening to the stories of others, and coming together to find a simple solution, they can leave an impact on their community and the city, and in turn feel that impact upon themselves, thus living up to the University's mission of becoming socially conscious individuals who are leaders in their community.