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Residence Hall Housing Contract Release Requests

Residence Hall Housing Contract:

The residence hall housing application serves as an application AND a contract.  Read all details carefully prior to submitting the application/contract.   Upon completion and submission of the online Residence Hall Application/Contract and assignment of a room, a student is contractually obligated to pay the cost of room and board for all semesters contracted.  The Residence Hall Housing Contract is binding for the contract period which is the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters).

Residence Hall Housing Contract Release Requests:

The University will not consider releasing a student from a contractual financial obligation except under the particular and limited circumstances listed below and outlined on the Residence Hall Housing Contract Release Request Form.  Consideration for release from a residence hall contract and the associated financial obligation may be given to students under the following circumstances:

  • Graduation from Roosevelt University (submission of application to graduate required)
  • Called to military duty (copy of active duty notification required)
  • Studying abroad for RU Credit or through an RU program
  • Medical condition; physical or psychological (supporting documentation required)
  • Marriage (copy of marriage license or domestic partnership certificate required)
  • Parent (copy of child’s birth certificate and/or court-approved guardianship papers required)

For no other reasons besides those listed above will a student be released from their residence hall housing contract and the associated contractual financial obligation.

Steps to follow when Applying for a Resident Hall Contract Release:

  1. Carefully review the circumstances under which a resident hall contract release may be considered. 
  2. Obtain and complete a Residence Hall Housing Contract Release Request Form no later than November 1 for the spring semester.
  3. Submit the form including all necessary documentation to the Office of Residence Life at
  4. A student may choose to vacate their on-campus space pending a decision, but if the request is denied, the student continues to be financially obligated and responsible for all room and meal plan payments related to the Residence Hall Contract.  The student will also be required to complete an official check-out at the end of the contract period.
  5. If released from the housing contract, charges will continue until the student has completed the check-out process with residence hall staff which includes removing all personal belongings from the room and returning all keys. As a result of the release from the residence hall contract, student will be a) required to cover the full costs for room and meals for their period of residency up to check-out, b) forfeit the $500 housing deposit,  a c) be assessed a penalty fee that is applied in accordance with the contract release penalty schedule (see the Residence Hall Housing Contract Release Request form) and d) be required to pay for any room damages assessed during the check-out process.
  6. Students who are graduating, called to military duty, or studying abroad will only be charged the cost for the period of residency plus any room damage charges assessed during the check-out process.
  7. If not released from the housing contract, the student will be charged all housing and meal plan charges through the end of the contract period.  Contracts are for the academic year including fall and spring semesters.