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Check Out Procedures for Student Moving Out for the Fall 14 Semester

Clean your suite/apartment

Make sure the entire suite/apartment is CLEAN and EMPTY before attempting to check out. The staff will not proceed with the check out if this is not done. Clean means the floors are swept and mopped, the walls are wiped clean, all tape and residues form the walls are removed, bathrooms cleaned, mirrors wiped, toilets cleaned and rinse out recycling and trash bins. If you are in an apartment all refrigerators/freezers must be defrosted and cleaned out but kept running. All dishwasher, stoves, and ovens must be cleaned at the time of checkout.


All microfridges at UC and the Wabash Building must be defrosted and cleaned before leaving, but left plugged in.

Check Out at UC

All students can check out through Express Check out (sign up at the Resident Services Desk) or you can check out with an RA.

Check Out at Wabash Building

You may check out through Express Check Out or Standard Check Out. Express Check Out forms will be given during your floor meeting. If you are doing Standard Check Out, once your room is absolutely clean and empty, come to the 14th Floor Recreation Room and find a Residence Life staff member who will then come to your room and check the condition. You will turn in your key and sign off on your room condition form. Make sure you complete all the steps as failure to do so will result in an improper check out fee of $150 and key replacement fee of $50. Click here for move out information for the Wabash Building.

Mail Forwarding

Make sure to forward your mail through the United States Post Office at least two weeks before moving out.

Move Out Dates

All move outs must occur 24 hours after your last final. No later than 5pm on Friday, December 12th. If you need an extension to stay longer email the Office of Residence Life. If students are moving out of the Wabash Building we will be doing move outs from December 8-12.


The loading dock of the Wabash Building and UC and the front of Wabash Building are available for loading purposes only! Cars need to be attended at all times. The City of Chicago has authority to ticket or tow your cars if unattended. You should plan to pay for a parking space at a nearby lot as parking will be limited near the buildings.