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Wabash Building


Click here for directions to the Wabash Building. Wabash Avenue is a one way street going southbound. The Wabash Building is at 425 S. Wabash Ave. between Van Buren and Congress. 

Unloading Instructions

Residents pull up curbside in front of the Wabash Building to unload their belongings Be sure to have someone stay with your vehicle at all times.  Immediately after unloading, your vehicle must be moved to a nearby parking lot.  Parking is not offered by the university as we are an urban campus.  However, there are many parking lots and garages in the intimidate area.  Click here for a list of parking lots.

Roosevelt will provide speed packs to make your unloading process easy and efficient. Speed packs are large boxes on wheels that eliminate the need to carry your belongings.  Move-in assistants will be on hand to assist with checking in. 

Check-In Process

Check-in is conducted in the lobby of the Wabash Building. While friends and family unload the student's belongings, the student can go directly into the Wabash lobby to begin the check-in process.  Students receive a room key, Room Condition Report (RCR), cable information, mailbox combination, and a Roosevelt University key chain and ID holder.  While the student is completing the check-in process, their friends and family can take the student's belongings up to the residential floors and meet the student in front of their assigned room.

Mailing Address

You will receive a mailbox number upon check in. Your mailing address will be:

425 S. Wabash Ave.,
WBRH# (mailbox number),
Chicago, IL  60605

Health Insurance Waiver

For more details about the plan benefits available to enrolled Roosevelt students, visit

Work Orders

Students can submit a work order for the Wabash Building through RU Access or by visiting the Office of Residence Life on 14th Floor.


The laundry room is on the 15th Floor. You can use coins or a debit or credit card to operate the machines. They are $1.25 per load. Use Laundry View to check the status of your machines.  See open washers and dryers, when busy ones will be free and how much time is left on machines you are using.