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Housing/Meal Plan Changes and Cancellation

Things happen and students may determine that they need to cancel their  housing and/or meal plan.  Here are the facts you need to know…Thinking about cancelling your contract?

Room and Board Cancellation Process

Step 1:  In writing, send a letter or email to the Office of Residence Life stating you are canceling your contract and the reason. Attach any supporting documentation that you feel is necessary to support your reason for breaking your contract and then submit it to the Office of Residence Life in WB 1413.

Step 2:  Your cancellation letter will be reviewed by the housing committee and a decision as to whether or not you will be released from your contract will be decided. Your cancellation will be processed within four to six weeks and you will receive a letter stating whether or not any refund will be granted. Please note that during the months of July and August cancellations may take up to six weeks to process. 

Step 3:  A letter stating whether or not you have been released from your contract, your scheduled move-out date (if applicable) and what charges will apply will be sent to you via your Roosevelt email account. Please remember that based on the condition of your room after you move out, additional penalties may apply. You will need to follow the move out procedures outlined in your handbook.

Step 4:  Cancellation charges and any penalty room charges will be added to your account once you have officially moved out of the residence hall. Typical charges include a forfeit of your $500 pre-payment and 75% of your remaining contract. Meal charges are non-refundable once the term begins.

Housing Room/Building Changes

Question: Are you changing to a lower priced room, changing buildings or changing your contract from annual to academic?

Step 1:  Send an email to the Office of Residence Life at

Step 2:  The Office of Residence Life will review and respond to your request in two to four weeks. The letter will have additional information regarding the next steps that may need to be taken.

Step 3:  Additional charges may apply for rooms that are downgraded and/or contract terms that are amended from annual to academic.

Meal Plan Cancellation or Change

Refund Policy

If a meal plan is cancelled after the first week of the semester beginning, no discounts or refunds will be issued for unused meals, days or flex dollars for the current academic term. No other charges will apply for the remaining portion of the meal plan contract after the current term.

Question: Are you changing rooms from a suite to an apartment in the UC?

Students moving to apartments in the UC can cancel their meal plans but will not receive any refunds. 

Question: Are you leaving housing and canceling your meal plan?

Students who are leaving the residence hall may cancel their meal plan, however, no refunds will be given for any unused portion during the semester that they are leaving.

Question: Are you wanting to downgrade your meal plan?

Students will be able to downgrade their meal plan during the first week of each term at the Office of Residence Life, WB 1413.