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How to Accept the Registration Agreement

All students who intend to register must accept the Registration Agreement online each semester.  See instructions below.

The payment of all term charges is required by:

  • December 15th for Spring semesters of each year
  • April 15th for Summer semesters of each year
  • July 31st for Fall semesters of each year

When the registration takes place thereafter, full payment is required at the time of registration, unless the student enrolls in a payment plan. In accordance with acceptance of the Registration Agreement, if no payment arrangements are made by the designated deadline, registration for all classes will be cancelled.

Accepting the Registration Agreement Online:

  • Go to RU ACCESS at
  • Enter your User ID. (This is your nine-digit student ID number issued by the University, which starts with “9").
  • Type your PIN. If you are a new user, you received your PIN with your admission materials. If you are unsure of your PIN, please click the "HELP" link on the RU ACCESS landing page for detailed instructions.
  • Click Login.
  • Click Registration & Other Student Services.
  • Select Registration.
  • Select Add/Drop Classes.
  • Click Continue.
  • Select and submit the proper term.
  • Read the information provided, and click on the I Accept button. By clicking the I Accept button you acknowledge your responsibility for tuition and fees charges for all courses on your schedule.
  • Continue to the Registration/Add Drop Courses section if you need to register.


  • Click Exit after clicking I Accept if for some reason you were already registered by the Registrar’s Office, or you plan to register for special courses such as cohort courses, independent study, courses by arrangement, dissertation, thesis, practicum, final projects, and continued courses for zero credit.  Also, after any regular class has met, the instructor’s permission is required, and registration online is not available.  Please accept only the Registration Agreement and click Exit; register in person.