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How to Register via RU Access

What is RU ACCESS?

RU ACCESS is a self-service area on Roosevelt University's Web site where you may obtain the following information and request some services.

Registration Instructions

All new or continuing degree seeking students in good standing are required to register online via RU ACCESS.

Meet with your academic advisor to determine what courses are appropriate for your program/degree, and to obtain your Registration Code, also called Alternate PIN. Changing the schedule also requires your advisor’s approval.

Graduate students in the College of Business Administration do not need to obtain an advisor approval; they use their 6-digit birth date as a Registration Code.

Students at-Large do not need to meet with an advisor not obtain the Registration Code.  They may not register via RU Access; only in person, by mail or fax.

  1. Go to and Login 

  2. Verify/Update your address if this is the first time you are registering for the upcoming semester

  3. Click on the Registration & Other Student Services bullet.

  4. Select Registration and then select Registration Add or Drop Classes.

  5. Select the Term for which you want to register and click submit.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Accept the Registration Agreement. Students who do not accept it will not be able to register.

  8. Enter the registration code you received from your advisor for the chosen semester and click submit. If you are a graduate student in the College of Business Administration you should use your 6-digit birth date as a Registration Code.

  9. In the Add Course table, enter the five-digit Course Reference Number(s)-CRN for each class you want to take.

  10. When you have listed all CRNs, click Submit Changes.

  11. If the course you would like to register for is closed, you may add your name to a wait list.

  12. Click the Registration Fee Assessment link at the bottom of the page.

  13. Verify credit hours and tuition/fee totals.

  14. Click Select Payment Option and choose your preferred payment method.

  15. Confirm the Term and click Submit Info.

  16. Click Save Option and then click Continue.

  17. Read the message on the screen and click Agree.

  18. Print two copies of your Promissory Note, sign it, and submit it to the Student Accounts Office by fax: (312) 341-6395, mail, or in person.  Keep one copy for your records.

  19. Click Finalize Registration.

  20. If paying by credit card, click Credit Card Payment; if not, click View/Print Your Schedule.