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Late Registration & Fees

A late fee of $200.00 starts five (5) calendar days before the start of the session in which your class takes place. If the fifth calendar day falls on the weekend or holiday, the date is moved forward to the first weekday. This applies to all sessions except for the Online session (session 8).

New for Fall 2014 courses, students may still register for courses online during the first week of classes. Also beginning with Fall 2014 courses, instructor permission is no longer required to add a class during the first week.  The $200.00 late registration fee still applies. (Note: for Summer 2014 courses, students may not register online during the first week of the session and instructor permission is still required to add a class after it has met once).

Starting with Fall 2014 courses, registering after the first week of class, cannot be completed online and requires permission from both the instructor and an authorized college representative.  The following may be accepted: instructor and college representative signatures on Course Selection Worksheet, a note written and signed by the instructor and college representative, or an email showing approval from both the instructor and college representative directed to the Registrar's Office in Chicago or Schaumburg.

Late Fees are not Assessed:
  • When a student is adding a course to an existing registration
  • To newly admitted students
  • To students registering for individualized sections such as: thesis, dissertations, independent studies, course by arrangements, internships and their continuation
  • To students registering for a GuIDE course 

See the Important Dates page and select the appropriate term for the specific date for your session.