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Adding Classes

Policy & Procedures

The process of registration and changes to existing schedule depend on the time of its completion.  It may also be affected by the current enrollment status of the particular class (open, closed, waitlisted).

Initial Registration or Adding a Course

  • Through the first week of classes, including day and time, there are no limitations on a method of registration (new policy starting with Fall 2014 courses).  Students who have a registration code from their advisor are encouraged to register online whenever possible, however, students may register online, in person, via fax, or mail for any open class. (Note: This new policy takes effect for Fall 2014; students cannot register online after the start of the session for Spring or Summer 2014)

  • Registering for any open Courses Within Online Session-8. (starting 2 weeks later than a full semester).
    Students may continue registering for online courses during the entire first week of the Online Session.  The instructor's permission is not required.  However, only registration in person or by fax is available.

  • Adding a course which is still open but has met once (during first week of class only).
    New, starting with Fall 2014 courses, instructor permission is no longer required for a class that has already met. Students may register online for any open course through the first week of classes. (Note: This new policy takes effect for Fall 2014 courses; students wishing to register for a Spring or Summer 2014 course after it has already met once will not be able to register online and will still need instructor permission).

  • Adding a course after the first full week of class.
    New, starting with Fall 2014 courses, both the instructor's permission and permission from an authorized college representative (department chair, assistant dean, or Dean) are required to add a class after it has been in session for a full week. Students should contact their academic advisor for help obtaining proper approval.

  • Pre-requisite and/or Repeat Course errors. Students must contact their academic advisor to determine whether or not these registration restrictions can be lifted.

  • To add a course which is closed and waitlisted, through the first week of the class.
    The permission of an approved person from the College is required in order for you to be placed ahead of students already on the wait list for the course. Contact your advisor to determine whether an exception is possible. If granted, you will receive a notification via email to register for an open seat in the course.

  • To add a course which is closed and waitlisted, after the first week of the class.
    The permission from an approved person from the College is required. Contact your advisor to determine whether an exception is possbile.  In addition, the student must obtain the instructor's note and a signature on the Course Selection Worksheet.  Email from the Instructor directed to the Office of the Registrar can also be accepted.  Email to be used by instructors.

  • Even Exchange of Courses in the Student’s Schedule.
    In certain situations students may need to drop an unsuitable course and register for another one with the same number of credits.  Roosevelt University does not charge the student for such an exchange.  Dropping and adding of courses must be completed at the same time.

  • Registration or Change to  Registration Involving a GuIDE Course.
    Students may transfer from a GuIDE course to an on-campus course during the first week of the on-campus class, with the permission of the instructor of the on-campus class. Students may transfer from one GuIDE course to another GuIDE course up to the 4th week of the regular/full semester.

  • Registration for Individualized Sections.
    It applies to such courses as:  thesis, dissertation, master projects, independent study, course by arrangement, internship, and practicum.  Students may register up to 60% of the full semester.  (please refer to Important Dates for a specific term date).  All signatures indicated on the Individual Section Registration Form are required:  instructor, department chair, dean.  Available method of registration: in person, by fax and by mail; no registration online.

  • Registration for Continuation of Individualized Sections (zero credit or one credit for the College of Performing Arts' students). 
    Please use a regular Course Selection Worksheet. The only required signature is the student's signature.

  • Any changes to registration must be approved by the student’s academic advisor.

  • Students who are unable to register due to a Student Accounts hold must contact the office of Student Accounts to resolve the hold.
  • Students who had registered early and then suspended will have their registration cancelled.

  • Students who have not been academically reinstated and registered, may not attend class(s).

  • Grades submitted by instructors will not be accepted for students not officially registered for the course.