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How to Obtain a Roosevelt Photo ID

Roosevelt Students, Faculty and Staff

IDs may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office at either campus during regular office hours. 

Photo Identification Cards are issued to all student's, faculty and staff and are required in order to:

  • check out books from the library
  • attend student activities
  • obtain official transcripts
  • receive checks
  • use computer labs
  • use the fitness centers
  • enter university buildings after hours
  • conduct other University transactions

Please see the full ID Card Policy for more information.

Your Roosevelt ID Number

The number found on the student or faculty ID card consists of a 5 digit library code; 23311, followed by the  Roosevelt University ID number.  All student and  faculty ID numbers start with "9".

ICL-Institute for Continued Learning

All ICL members in good standing are entitled to a Roosevelt University photo ID card.  The Registrar’s Office is required to check if the person requesting an ID card is on the current ICL Member’s List.  Members who are not included on the list are directed to the Room 316.  Stickers validating IDs for the current semester are issued by the ICL Office in Room 316, not by the Registrar’s Office.