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How to Check Grades via RU Access

How GPA is Calculated

Roosevelt University does not send grade reports to students, but you can check them online via RU ACCESS.

How to Check Grades via RU Access

  • Log in to RU ACCESS
  • Click on Registration & Other Student Services link.
  • Click on Student Records link.
  • Click on Final Grades link.
  • Choose Term from drop down menu.
  • Click on Submit button to view your grades.

"No grades" Message

If the message No grades on your record are available appears, please continue checking for your grades over the Internet.  Each term, the grades are processed multiple times.  If for some reason your instructor posted the grades after the deadline, they will be processed with the next batch.

If your instructor posted the grades early, and they still do not show, it may mean that the Registrar’s Office is in the process of editing them.  After this is done, the grades are rolled over to the Transcript History File from which the students may see their grades on RU Access.  However, the total number of earned credits and a GPA may still require recalculation.  This step will be completed short time later according to the schedule posted in the current term page under Important Dates .

Contact Information

Contact your College about missing grades only when the deadline published in the Important Dates page has passed by at least one week.

  • College of Arts and Sciences: (312) 341-3670, (847) 619-8550
  • College of Business Administration: (312) 281-3293, (847) 619-4850
  • College of Education: (312) 853-4750, (847) 619-8820
  • College of Performing Arts: (312) 341-3780
  • College of Professional Study: (312) 281-3134, (847) 619-8730