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CLEP Scores Accepted at Roosevelt University

Students of Roosevelt University can receive academic credit for certain subjects after successfully completing the CLEP examinations in the following areas:

Examination Title Credits Awarded/Type of Credit Minimum Passing Score
American Government ** 3/POS 101 50
History of the U.S. I ** 3/HIST 106 50
History of the U.S. II ** 3/HIST 107 50
American Literature 3/ENG 200-level - elective 58
Information Systems & Computer Applications 3/CST 101 50
English Literature 3 or 6 /ENG 200-level - elective 50/65
General Biology 3 or 6 /BIOL 100-level - elective 50/60
General Chemistry 6/CHEM 100-level 50
Principles of Accounting 6/ACCT 210 and ACCT 211 50
Introductory Business Law 3/BLAW 201 50
Principles of Macroeconomics 3/ECON 101 50
Principles of Management 3/MGMT- elective 50
Principles of Microeconomics 3/ECON 102 50
Introductory Sociology 3/SOC 101 50
Western Civilization I ** 3/HIST 121 50
Western Civilization II ** 3/HIST 122 50
Foreign Language 3/6 hrs 50/65
Calculus 4/MATH 231 50
College Algebra 3/MATH 121 50
Pre-calculus 3/MATH 122 50
Humanities Up to 6/General - elective 50
Natural Sciences Up to 6/General - elective 50
Social Sciences and History Up to 6/General - elective 50

** Requires Roosevelt University 60 or 90-minute department essay.


  • CLEP exam credit from a score sheet will be awarded only after the student completes 12 semester hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 at Roosevelt University.
  • CLEP credit can be accepted if the credit appears on a transcript from another accredited institution; and is in a subject area normally accepted in transfer.
  • English Composition CLEP credit is not accepted from the score sheet nor from another school’s transcript.
  • Only the CLEP exams listed above are acceptable in transfer from a score report.
  • A score of 50 is required.
  • The grade earned is “P”.
  • CLEP credit does not count in the 66 hours from a junior college; however, if the course is listed on a junior college transcript, the 66 hour rule applies.
  • Credit will not be given if the student has attempted or previously completed the course, or in the case of MATH, if the student has already earned credit for a higher MATH course.
  • ESSAYS are required for American Government and all HISTORY credit. The appropriate department must be contacted to arrange for the essay.