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Reporting Student Attendance

Instructions for Faculty

Please review the new instructions carefully. A short instructional video is also posted in RU Access under the Attendance link in the Faculty & Advisor menu. All faculty are encouraged to review the tutorial before attendance is due for the upcoming term. Faculty must take attendance for all terms, Fall, Spring and Summer.

Why is early attendance important?

Many students change their registrations several times before and during the first weeks of the semester. Incorrect registrations may lead to the following complications for our students:
  • no grades being awarded
  • repeating classes that have already been taken
  • complications with financial aid awards
  • incorrect billing
All these issues impact the quality of the experience for the student here at Roosevelt. While taking attendance at this level of the educational experience may seem intrusive, in actuality instructors are being proactive by helping to identify situations that can be resolved easily at the beginning of the semester.

Why report students who are NOT attending class? 

The Federal Government mandates that institutions identify students who are receiving federal financial aid but who are not attending class and return those aid dollars to the federal government. Again, instructors are key in identifying these students and assisting the University with complying with Federal Title IV Financial Aid regulations. Information from attendance reports is used in the annual state and federal audits of financial aid awards, as well as decisions regarding student petitions for late withdrawal grades or tuition adjustments.

Which students are considered non-attending?

For purposes of federal compliance, a non-attending student is any student who appears on your course roster but who has NEVER attended the class section. 

Though faculty are encouraged to reach out to students with sporadic attendance and refer these students to support services on campus, these students are not to be reported as non-attending. Please see the Early Alert page for information on what to do if you have any other concerns about students that have attended class. 

Which courses are included?

Attendance reports are required for all standard on-campus courses and online courses only. Due to the complexity of determining early attendance for courses that have irregular schedules, GuIDE, Independent Study, Course by Arrangement, Thesis/Dissertation, and Internships are excluded.  Attendance reports for these courses may be required in future semesters and faculty will be informed if and when this change is implemented. 

When are attendance reports due?

All faculty teaching standard class sections must submit reports after the second class meeting.

Faculty teaching online must report attendance immediately after the first full week of the online session has concluded.

Reminders about attendance due dates will be included in RU Broadcast messages and the Provost's Newsletter.  Please monitor these communications during the first weeks of each term and make note of your due dates.

Quick Reference Instructions:

A short instructional video is also posted in RU Access under the Attendance link in the Faculty & Advisor menu.

  1. Using the instructions above, determine the due date for your attendance report based on your class schedule. For face-to-face classes in Fall, Spring, and Summer, your due date is immediately after your second class meeting. For online classes your due date is after the first full week of the class session.

  2. On your due date, log in to RU Access, go to the Faculty and Advisor menu, and click "Attendance Report".

  3. Choose the term for which you are reporting attendance, and choose the class section from the course drop-down menu.

  4. Compare the on-screen roster against the students who attended your class thus far. If there are students attending your class who are not on your class list, ask them to contact the Office of the Registrar to get registered in your class and section.

  5. For each student on your roster who has never attended the class, click on the green plus-sign button to the left of the student's name.
    • Un-check the box that says "Has attended AT LEAST ONCE".
    • Check the box that says "Has NEVER ATTENDED".
    Note: Attendance is defined as a student physically present for a class session or, in the case of Online, that the student has completed at least one academic activity, such as participating in a class discussion board or submitting an assignment.

  6. Click Submit.  When the status message to the right of each student's name reads "Completed," your attendance report for this class section is complete.
    • If every student on your roster has attended class at least once, you need only click Submit and do not need to check or un-check any boxes.
  7. Use the email link in your RU Access rosters to contact non-attending students and direct them to the add/drop and course withdrawal procedures and deadlines listed on the Important Dates webpage ( Please also encourage students to contact the Registrar's Office with questions about withdrawal procedures and to contact the Office of Financial Aid and their Academic Advisor to determine if withdrawal could impact their academic standing or financial aid eligibility.

Please direct any general questions regarding attendance to and any technical difficulties with RU Access or the online survey to