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What To Expect

In order to to have your degree posted, you must first apply for graduation by the appropriate deadline.

Once the online RU Access application closes, you will receive an e-mail from Graduation Services providing more detailed information about commencement and purchasing graduation materials.

It is best to have a degree check done prior to the submission of your graduation application.  Please contact your adviser if you have any questions about requirements for graduation.

Graduation Status

Graduation Services will submit your intent to graduate to your Department Chair for approval.  This happens at the close of every online (RU Access) application deadline.  

The time frame for each graduation term is as follows*:

Processing starts in September for the fall term, in February for spring term, and July for the summer term.  Your department will have a month to report your graduation status to Graduation Services.  Graduation status letters are mailed to the address on the graduation application. Prospective graduates are then placed in three categories:

Approved as Transcript Now Stands:  If you are "Approved as Transcript Stands" this means you have met the requirements for the degree and nothing further is needed to complete degree requirements.

Approved Pending Courses:  If you are "Approved Pending Current Courses" this means requirements are still needed to complete the degree.  These requirements must be met by the end of the graduating term.  There are multiple reasons for a “pending” status, but the following are the most common:

o You are currently enrolled in the classes needed for completion.
o You have made arrangements to turn in transfer credit.
o You have an “IP” (In Progress) or an “I” (Incomplete) grade from a previous term, meaning the grade has yet to post or work still needs to be completed.

Not Approved: If you are "Not Approved" for graduation, your department chair evaluated your record and found further requirements are needed.  You will need to contact your department if this is in error, or if you need further assistance as to what you are missing.

If canceled, you will not need to reapply for graduation.  Your application will be automatically rolled to the following term.  If you will be not eligible for the next term, please contact graduation services at 312-341-3521.


If submitting a late application for graduation the processing time will vary and may take longer as on-time applications will be processed first.

If you need to apply late click here for deadlines and fees.

Submitting Transcripts for Degree Completion

If you are an undergraduate and need to turn in transfer credit to complete graduation requirements you may do one of the following:

Send official (sealed) transcripts to:

Roosevelt University
Office of the Registrar
Attn: Daisy Tow
425 S. Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605

Or hand deliver sealed transcripts to:
Daisy Tow, 1M14, Registrar's Office

If you are a graduate student, the sealed official transcript must be turned into your department for review.
*Please note:  All transcripts must be sealed.  If they are opened they cannot be accepted as an official transcript.

Participation in Commencement

Roosevelt University holds two ceremonies, in May and December.  Eligibility for participation in Commencement is as follows:

  • Fall graduates participate in the December Commencement.
  • Spring graduates participate in the May Commencement.
  • Summer graduates participate in the December Commencement.

For more information about the ceremony, please click here.