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Forms for Students & Faculty

Academic Status Forms

  1. Change of Program (Undergraduate)
  2. Change of Program (Graduate) 
  3. Pre-Professional Declaration Form (online)

Readmission Forms

  1. Readmission Application - Undergraduate Students
  2. Readmission Application - Graduate Students
  3. Petition for Academic Renewal

Financial Forms

  1. Petition for Tuition Adjustment/Refund

Grade Forms

  1. CLEP Test Acceptable Scores
  2. Grade Option Request - Pass/Fail/Audit
  3. Incomplete Grade - Extension Request
  4. Petition for Late "W" Grade 

Graduation Forms

  1. Late Graduation Application (New electronic signatures document will open in new window).
    A $100.00 late fee will apply. See the late application deadlines on the Graduation page.
  2. Graduation Application for a Second Degree - (same graduation date)
  3. Duplicate Diploma Request 
  4. Exception Request to Residency Requirement-Final 30-hour Rule 

Information Requests

  1. FERPA Consent Form - Parental Release Form  
  2. Personal Information Change
  3. Request to Withhold Directory Information
  4. Request to Review Educational Records
  5. Schaumburg Student UPass Request Form

Registration Forms

  1. Course Selection Worksheet 
  2. Change of Registration 
  3. Independent Study and Course by Arrangement Form
  4. Individualized Sections (Thesis, Dissertation, Doctoral Project, Master Project, Internship, Practicum)
  5. Student At-Large (Undergraduate) 
  6. Student At-Large (Graduate)
  7. Non Credit Courses (RU Alumni)
  8. Audit Course

Forms for Instructor and Advisor Use

  1. Compensation Request for Course by Arrangement or Independent Study
  2. Graduate Transfer Credit Recommendation and Approval Form
    (New electronic-signatures enabled form. Follow the prompts and instructions).
  3. Degree Requirement Exception Request
    (New electronic-signatures enabled form. Follow the prompts and instructions).