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Pass Fail Grade Option

Undergraduate students may register for courses with a Pass/Fail grade option after obtaining an approval from their academic advisor.  A grade of “P” indicates a quality of work at the level of C or higher. The number of semester hours of such courses may not exceed one-half of the total semester hour load for that term.  The total number of semester hours with Pass/Fail grades should not exceed 30 semester hours.

Excluded from the Pass/Fail option

  • All ELP courses
  • ENG 101, ENG 102, ACP 101, and ACP 110
  • All courses in the major
  • Courses indicated as Minor requirements by the academic department
  • The supporting science courses for the Bachelor of Science degree
  • Music courses for Music and Music Education majors.
  • Major, core courses, and specific course requirements in the College of Business Administration.  Please contact your academic advisor for help.

Credit Hours/GPA

Credit hours for which the grade of “P” is received will be counted toward degree requirements, but will be omitted from calculation of the student’s grade point average.  However, a grade of “F” (Fail) will be included in the GPA calculation.

Approval Requirement

A student must submit a Pass/Fail Grade Option form to the Registrar’s Office of either campus.  The form must be signed by an academic advisor.


See the Important Dates page section for the last dates to request the Pass/Fail grade option in a specific term.