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Guided Independent Distance Education (GuIDE)

Students who wish to take a credit bearing courses that offer more flexibility in terms of deadlines and starting dates should consider the GuIDE option which means Guided Independent Distance Education.  GuIDE has replaced the former External Study Program.

What is GuIDE?

In a GuIDE course, students will work independently in an online environment under the instruction of a Roosevelt faculty member. GuIDE courses are equivalent to other Roosevelt courses in terms of credit offered and academic content.  Students taking GuIDE courses are eligible for Financial Aid.  

GuIDE Session

The GuIDE session is the same as the full semester.  Students are expected to complete a course within the semester for which they have registered. 

Course Delivery

All GuIDE courses will be delivered via a Blackboard site.   After the semester starts, students will be able to access their course materials online the next day following the registration, submit their assignments electronically, and take their tests.  All interactions between the student and the instructor can be facilitated electronically.


Final grades will be submitted at the end of the semester.  If students need additional time to complete the course, they can request an "I" grade through the normal procedure for requesting and implementing and "I Grade Contract".  As with all Roosevelt courses, if a student does not complete the "I" Grade Contract within the time period required by the course instructor, the "I" grade automatically changes to an "F" grade.

Pass/Fail Grade

Students may select a Pass/Fail grade mode option up to the 6 weeks after the start of the regular semester.  For details refer to Important Dates and Deadlines for Each Semester. 

For details regarding the Withdraw Refund/Credit Schedule and the last day for a "W"  Grade, refer to Important Dates and Deadlines for Each Semester. 

Where are GuIDE Courses Listed?

GuIDE courses are listed in the online Roosevelt University Class Schedule under GuIDE next to the "Attribute" selection.  GuIDE courses are listed in the Coursefinder as section G98. 


Please contact your academic advisor if you are interested in taking a GuIDE course.