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Professional Training Classes

Professional Development Classes were developed to give students an edge on their competitors.  The classes are held in the URBAN RETAIL PROPERTIES PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH CENTER (WB1210C) from 5:00-5:50.  They are offered free to all real estate students and two classes are held in fall and spring semesters for 8 weeks.   As we continue to grow and access the need as the real estate industry continues to evolve we will add more classes in the future to address those needs.

The classes are listed below:


This course will provide the student with an opportunity to review the basic rules of business writing and to develop clarity of style, while being introduced to the language of real estate through its terms and documents. Students will read real estate articles and documents and will draft clear and concise summaries showing comprehension of subject matter and terminology. A full range of business document types will be written by the students and reviewed in class.


This course will assist students in developing skills in the effective use of Microsoft Office in their personal and professional lives. This class consists of lecture, discussion, review, and guided practice. Students will complete independent activities, assignments, and projects. The course uses a project-oriented approach to achieve computer software awareness in a PC environment, using word processing, spreadsheets, internet, and presentation applications. Collaborative learning among professional colleagues will be emphasized.


This course will review key software programs used in the real estate industry such as Skyline, a financial reporting package commonly used in asset and property management, and Argus, a financial modeling tool used in acquisition and development. The course will review online research tools, such as Co-star, that provide current information on commercial properties, by type and by submarket. The class will strengthen knowledge of analytical tools and sources of data as well as reduce the search time in locating industry information. The result is a portfolio of methodology and market analysis tools that can be used immediately in the workplace.


This course is designed to guide students through the career options in real estate and will help polish the tools needed to successfully decide upon and achieve career choices. It will provide the strategies and skills necessary for a lifetime of career-related decision making. Students will also utilize various assessment, presentation and reflection techniques to define and clarify educational goals and career planning. Several job search tools will be introduced. A resume writing and interview skills workshop will be presented. Students will have a distribution ready resume upon the completion of this class.