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RUOnline Student FAQ

  1. How is an RUOnline course different than an on-campus course?
  2. What will my course be like?
  3. Can I begin my course at any time?
  4. What is the time commitment?
  5. How are assignments handled?
  6. How will instructors assess my learning?
  7. How will I interact with my instructor and fellow students?
  8. Will I need any special skills to succeed?
  9. Are RUOnline courses asynchronous or synchronous?
  10. How can I pay for my online courses?
  11. How many courses can I take per semester?
  12. What equipment do I need to take a course online?
  13. How do I learn about and obtain my textbooks?

How is an RUOnline course different than an on-campus course?

While it's true that your RUOnline course will take place in a different type of environment than a typical face-to-face course, there are actually many ways in which your course will be similar to on-campus instruction. Our courses have real instructors, students, and course materials--there's nothing "virtual" about those! However, the courses themselves provide more flexibility than face-to-face classes. You'll have greater freedom, but you'll have the security of knowing that your classmates are learning with you at the same pace. All fully online courses are taught in cohort groups (your classmates go through the course together), and are offered within the same semester or session time frame as on-campus courses.

What will my course be like?

This is probably one of the most difficult questions to answer, because there aren't any "cookie cutter" courses in RUOnline. Courses come in a variety of formats, and each course is carefully designed to facilitate the best teaching-learning environment possible. While each course site in the Blackboard system looks basically the same and is designed to function as efficiently as possible, you'll find as much variety as you would in on-campus classes.

Can I begin my course any time?

No. RUOnline students interact with faculty and with other students, so all courses are offered during Roosevelt University’s regular semesters (fall, fall A, Fall B, spring and summer), and proceed in a weekly format. This way, students are part of a community of online learners.

What is the time commitment?

You should expect to spend as much time on online courses as you would in a traditional classroom course. Instead of sitting in a classroom at a scheduled time, you will spend time interacting on the Blackboard portal through discussion boards, exploring web content, reading, completing assignments, and so on.

How are assignments handled?

Throughout your educational career, you've no doubt been given a wide variety of assignments, from completing worksheets and term papers to preparing presentations and portfolios. You'll encounter that same variety of course assignments in your RU Online courses. The only real difference you'll discover is in the way you submit your assignments. When taking a course at a distance, it is usually difficult to hand your professor your term paper or to give a presentation live in front of of the rest of the class. In such cases, we simply come up with alternative ways to reach the same goal.

How will instructors assess my learning?

In the absence of face-to-face interaction with your RUOnline instructor, you may be wondering how your learning will be assessed. How will your instructor know whether or not you are actively participating and learning the material? In our courses, we use many of the same assessment strategies that are used in on-campus courses, including self-check exercises, quizzes, exams, papers, projects...even monitoring class participation!

How will I interact with my instructor and fellow students?

You live in California and your instructor lives in Illinois...and the rest of your RUOnline classmates live all over the world. How will you interact with one another? We use a variety of means to bring students and instructors together, including: email, online discussion forums (bulletin boards, chat space, etc.), and even the telephone! As each course is developed, specific interaction strategies are selected to meet the needs of the course, using technologies likely to be available to students.

Will I need any special skills to succeed?

Online education is both an opportunity and a challenge--an opportunity to take courses in a flexible learning environment and a challenge to shape your life and direct your own studies. Online education requires self-discipline and persistence, but the rewards to students who learn to manage their time and their education are great. You get to take some of Roosevelt University's finest courses at a time and location that are convenient to your lifestyle!

Are RU Online courses asynchronous or synchronous?

RU Online courses are generally asynchronous, so they do not meet at a specified time. We have students in various time zones, so your participation and interaction in your online course can occur at a convenient time for you. However, Blackboard provides synchronous capabilities which instructors may use for “live” online office hours. RU Online courses thus combine the structured learning environment of weekly and bi-weekly classes with the flexibility of participating at days and times within the week that are convenient for students.

How can I pay for my online courses?

Payment for online courses can be arranged in the same manner as traditional courses at Roosevelt University. Payment options include financial aid, employer tuition reimbursement, deferred payment plans, or full payment.

How many courses can I take per semester?

Academic advisors help students determine the appropriate course load and whether the courses are online, hybrid, or face-to-face. Students should consider how many courses they can successfully complete given their commitments and constraints as well as the time they have available to be on the computer.

What equipment do I need to take a course online?

 Current Technical Requirements are listed HERE

How do I learn about and obtain my textbooks?

Textbook requirements are posted within your course site and are available at the bookstore or online.