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Organizational Communication

The Bachelors of Professional Studies major in Organizational Communication provides students a foundation of communication skills combined with an emphasis on virtual media. This major focuses on virtuality, messaging in a variety of formats and creating influence.
The ability to communicate effectively in an organizational context drives productivity and engagement. Active thinking, clear messaging and the notion that effective communication will develop requisite employee engagement are the keys to maintaining trust and integrity in organizations. Organizations that have engaged employees have lower turnover, higher customer loyalty, higher productivity and higher profitability. Communication is the answer to creating an engaged workforce and a loyal customer base!

Students who successfully complete the program will:

  • Possess an understanding of patterns of communication and behavior in organizations.
  • Identify necessary organizational communication practices relevant to crisis, identity and branding.
  • Engender commitment and engagement among others within the context of their organizations.
  • Value diversity and apply its strengths in the communication process.
  • Critically think about decisions in a manner that is socially responsible and responsive.
  • Demonstrate a persuasive and collaborative approach which encourages a teaming environment.

Potential career paths for graduates include Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Employee Development Marketing and many others.

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