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Guided Independent Study (GuIDE)

What is GuIDE

What is GuIDE? GuIDE is an acronym for Guided Independent Distance Education. In your GuIDE course, you will work independently in an online environment under the direction of a Roosevelt faculty member. GuIDE courses are equivalent to other Roosevelt courses in terms of credit offered and academic content. GuIDE courses are eligible for Financial Aid.

GuIDE Courses offered:

Professional & Liberal Studies
General Education Core

PLS 217-G98 - The Storyteller’s Art
PLS 257-G98 - Nutrition for Everday Life
PLS 331-G98 - Images of Women
PLS 332-G98 - Chgo Issues and Trends
PLS 332A-G98 - Chgo Issues and Trends to 1871
PLS 332B-G98 - Chgo Issues Trends 1871-1920
PLS 332C-G98 - Chgo Issues Trends 1920-PRES
PLS 351-G98 - Scientific Methodology
PLS 356-G98 - Earthquakes/Cont Drift/PL
PLS 357-G98 - Endangered Species
PLS 359-G98 - Animal Behavior
PLS 373-G98 - The Comic Spirit
PLS 376-G98 - Art and Communication
PLS 381-G98 - Technology & Values
PLS 390-G98 - Seminar in Social Sciences
PLS 391-G98 - Seminar in Natural Sciences
PLS 399-G98 - Senior Thesis

Hospitality Management
HOSM 201-G98 - Intro to Hospitality Industry
HOSM 230-G98 - Food and Beverage Management
HOSM 275-G98 - Hospitality Law
HOSM 304-G98 - Facilities Mgmt & Engineering
HOSM 311-G98 - Organizational Dev. for Hospitality
HOSM 327-G98 - Tourism & Hospitality Industry
HOSM 333-G98 - Purchasing for Hospitality Ind
HOSM 350-G98 - Adv Marketing for Hosm Industry

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