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Foundations of Excellence

A Project on First-Year Students in 2013-14

In the coming year, Roosevelt University will be one of 10 four-year colleges and universities participating in the Foundations of Excellence program, a nationwide project run by the Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education.

Our Foundations of Excellence project will focus a year-long self-study – by all of us – on our students’ first-year experience, from recruitment through enrollment. We’ll review research we already collect on our students. We’ll gather more data, through two surveys – one of faculty and staff and another of first-year students. We’ll use a set of “performance indicators” developed by the Gardner Institute to measure universities’ work related to the nine principles.  We’ll talk about which parts of our academic experience succeed for students – and which need improvement. We will offer recommendations for improvement in time for inclusion in our budget process for 2014-15. And next year, the Gardner Institute staff will continue to work with us to implement our recommendations.

The process is all about academic excellence – broadly defined. That certainly includes excellence in the classroom but also encompasses everything that makes up students’ experience of the university in their first year.

The success of the program relies on participation from faculty and staff. We hope to have you join us in this important work.

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Co-chairs, RU Foundations of Excellence

Linda Jones
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Amanda Wornhoff
Interim Director of English Composition, Department of Literature and Languages