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Rooseveltian Blog Contest


Roosevelt study abroad students participating in exchange and non-exchange programs may enter this contest.


Create and share a blog about their study abroad experience.


This contest applies to each academic study abroad semester. Winners are selected twice a year, each for the Fall and Spring semesters.


To spread and share the priceless adventures and experiences studying abroad has to offer. Promotes programs and engages participating students with the Roosevelt community during their travels abroad.


Students will create their own blogs and contact Office of International Programs (OIP). OIP will promote student's blogs on the OIP website, Facebook, Torch and WhatsHappening@RU Emails.

Winners of this blog contest will be determined by several criteria. A few examples of the criteria are how interesting the blog postings are written, how interesting are pictures/videos shared on the posts, how creative the blog looks, etc.


  • Must provide OIP with blog site
  • Must blog at least once every week
  • Must blog before departing to program and when arriving at destination
  • Must blog before and/or after returning to Roosevelt
  • Must be creative
  • Must mention study abroad program in every blog posting. It can be mentioned by name and/or by the host country.


1st Place - RU Gear & $50 bookstore credit

2nd Place - RU Banner & $25 bookstore credit

3rd Place - RU Water Bottle & Banner

4th Place - RU Banner