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Policy Regarding Research Participation by Students

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Roosevelt University wishes to ensure the protection of individuals who are recruited to participate in research studies. In particular, students who are asked to participate in research studies require special consideration. In order to prevent undue coercion, whereby students feel unduly compelled to participate in research in order to improve their grade, the IRB has issued the following policy.

  1. It is at the discretion of the individual instructor whether they choose to offer participation in research studies as a learning experience requirement or as an extra credit option. Instructors are not required to offer either option. If instructors do choose to offer either option, they must abide by the points below.

  2. Instructors are not allowed to solicit participation in their own studies from their own class. Such solicitation carries the possibility of additional influence on the students in which they may feel compelled to participate in their instructor’s own study to gain their instructor’s favor.

  3. Students must be offered equitable alternatives in terms of time and effort for receiving credit for participation in research studies. Allowable alternatives include:

    1. Review of a journal article and writing a brief summary. The summary would not be graded, but full extra credit would be awarded if completed in an adequate fashion.

    2. Attendance at a faculty or research presentation. To receive credit, students would need to document their attendance, either by providing handouts or a signature of the presenter.

  4. In order to maintain the student’s confidentiality, the researcher will provide the student with a ‘Certificate of Participation’, that does not indicate the particular study that the student completed. The student will submit this ‘Certificate’ to the instructor to receive credit.

  5. If students withdraw partway through a study they have begun, they are still entitled to receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’ and receive full credit.