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Board of Trustees Resolution on Credit Hours Taught by FT Faculty

Academic Affairs Committee 2004

The following information was extracted from the minutes of the Academic Affairs

Committee meeting of November 11, 2004.

Attendees: Don Hunt (co-chair), Blanche Manning (co-chair), Charles Middleton, Pamela Reid,

Rolf Weil, Norm Frankel, Antonia Potenza, Gary Wolfe, Louise Love, Nicholas Pluta, Don Field

  1. The meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. by Chairman Hunt.

  2. Chairman Hunt invited Drs. Middleton and Reid to introduce the 40/60 plan. This plan is being developed in response to the Board of Trustees resolution of last year which requested the RU administration to plan to increase the likelihood that students would be taught by full-time faculty. Specifically, the resolution suggests that instead 40 percent of credit hours being produced by faculty as was the case last year, 60 percent of the credit hours will be produced by faculty by the year 2010. President Middleton explained three basic strategies that could accomplish the goal:

    1. hire additional full time faculty,

    2. increase class size, and

    3. reorganize administrative responsibilities to put more faculty back into the classroom.

A full report will be made to the Board in December. Provost Reid was able to provide some preliminary progress on the plan. Even though faculty teaching loads have recently been reduced to six courses a year, attention to class size and the hiring of new faculty has already produced positive results. The percentage of credit hours went from forty percent last year to 47% this fall.