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Program Improvement Plan Cover Page Guidelines

The cover page contains introductory program information and will likely be stable from year to year with the program making minor editorial changes. This cover page precedes the listed student learning outcomes.

Program Title (e.g. Secondary Education)


Program Improvement Plan, (YEAR)


Institutional Mission Linkages

Select a phrase or phrases from Roosevelt’s Mission Statement that apply to your programs’ activity.
View the University Mission Statement in its entirety.  

Mission Statement

Example:  Roosevelt University is a national leader in educating socially conscious citizens for active and dedicated lives as leaders in their professions and their communities. The University's student-centered faculty and staff inspire academically qualified students from diverse backgrounds and all ages to benefit from rigorous higher education and professional development opportunities in the dynamic Chicago metropolitan environment.   Deeply rooted in practical scholarship and principles of social justice expressed as ethical awareness, leadership development, economic progress and civic engagement, Roosevelt University encourages community partnerships and prepares its diverse graduates for responsible citizenship in a global society.

Question to ask:

What do students and faculty actually do, or plan to do in your program, to live out the university mission? 

Example: This program supports Roosevelt University’s commitment to educating socially conscious educators dedicated to teaching in their communities.  It also reinforces the university’s emphasis on excellence in education and the creation of community partnerships.

College Planning Goals/Mission Statement/Conceptual Framework Linkages

Question to ask:

How does the program link to the college’s student learning goals, mission or conceptual framework?

Program Purpose

Question to ask:

What purpose does the program fulfill?

Example: The Secondary Education program provides its graduates with historical context and promotes understanding of the significant contributions that dominated populations have made to American education. The program instills in its graduates an inquisitiveness and assessment skills that allow them to consider what changes in the structure of American education are likely to expand opportunity for the involvement and impact of diverse social populations in the schools.

Program Improvement Plan Administration

Describe how your department administers the program improvement plan assessment process—meeting times, committee membership, information distribution, leadership, professional development experiences, research assignments, how assessment fits into the curriculum design process.

Example from a non-Roosevelt University: Accounting: The Chair of the Curriculum Committee will collect data to implement the Assessment Plan for the BBA/Accounting by the end of the fall and spring semesters. Thirty days after the beginning of the fall semester, the Curriculum Committee will present a report evaluating the data from the spring semester.

Program Leader Contact Information (name/assessment role/e-mail/phone/office)

Name of the Program Leader and contact information of the individual responsible for maintaining/updating the plan—reporting results in LOOP for Peer Review and comment. 

Example:  Jane Leader, Program Leader,, 312-341-XXXX, SCH Office 1010