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10-step Process to Completing a Program Improvement Plan

  1. Copy the Blank Cover Page and the Blank Student Learning Outcomes Page.

  2. Read and review the Guidelines for the Cover Page.

  3. Complete the Blank Cover Page of your Program Improvement Plan (PIP).

  4. Next refer to Writing Program Objectives: Reviewing and Developing Program Objectives including the examples from other universities.

  5. Develop or review objectives for your program. It is highly recommended that programs develop a set of program objectives prior to identifying the student learning outcomes (step 6). NOTE: These objectives will not be written in the PIP but are for program use only.

  6. Refer to Guidelines for Page 2 Student Learning Outcomes for an example of a completed peer reviewed page including:

    1. Outcomes
    2. Opportunities to Learn (optional)
    3. Question of Interest
    4. Assessment Measure and Methods
    5. Summary Assessment Evidence/Results
    6. Use of Assessment Evidence/Results

  7. Review the Sample Scoring Rubric from the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education) Project.

  8. Complete Blank Page 2 Student Learning Outcomes for each learning outcome (minimum of 3 learning outcomes required).

  9. Complete the following sections in Page 2 Student Learning Outcomes 

    1. student learning outcomes (one per template);
    2. opportunities to learn (optional);
    3. question(s) of interest; and
    4. assessment measure and methods.
    5. summary of assessment evidence/results and
    6. use of assessment evidence/results.

  10. Enter data in LOOP System