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Guidelines for Completing a Program Improvement Plan

The Provosts and the University Assessment Steering committee (UASC) request that all programs develop Program Improvement Plans (PIPs) by December 31, 2010.  

In Spring 2010 faculty and staff will be introduces and trained on new online reporting software called LOOP (Learning Outcomes Open Platform).  Until the software is accessible programs are asked to input information into a WORD document using the Blank Cover Page and Blank Student Learning Outcomes Page as content guides.  The cover page and student learning outcome pages combined create a PIP.   

Phase One - Fall 2010

In this first phase of this project, every degree granting and non-degree granting academic program must develop and report on at least three student learning outcomes. The program will designate one program leader to input the information into a WORD document but all faculty are involved in selecting student learning outcomes, developing the program improvement plan, collecting data and reporting.   

BY DECEMBER 31, 2010 Programs need to submit

  1. a completed cover page
  2.  the following sections in the student learning outcomes page  no later than December 31: 
    1. student learning outcomes (one outcome per page); 
    2. opportunities to learn (optional); 
    3. question(s) of interest; and 
    4. assessment measure and methods. 

    The spring semester may be used to collect data and analyze the data and complete the student learning outcomes. 

    A guide including a sample of a completed cover page and guidelines including an example of a completed student learning outcomes page are available to assist programs in compiling a PIP.  Samples of additional student learning outcomes created by other universities are available to help you build effective student learning outcomes for your program. 

    One of the three university-wide student learning outcomes is effective communication.  The student learning outcome is: Students compose and present a coherent product. This student learning outcome is to be assessed using the following components (evaluative criteria):   

    1. delivery/presentation
    2. content
    3. mechanics
    4. organization

    All undergraduate programs shall include this learning outcome as one of their three outcome choices.  

    Moving your PIPs from a WORD document to the LOOP reporting software       

    Please contact Ester Rogers for additional training (312)-341-6736  

    10-step process for creating PIPs   

    The UASC has created a 10-step process for creating Program Improvement Plans (PIPs).  Each PIP includes a cover page and three individual student learning outcome pages. Refer to the Guidelines to Develop a Program Improvement Plan (PIP) 10-step Process created by the UASC.