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Academic Renewal Policy

The spirit of the Academic Renewal Policy is to provide a fresh start to students seeking their first undergraduate degree after being away from Roosevelt University during the last three or more years. Students seeking academic renewal have performed below the required grade point average (GPA) standards during an earlier attempt at Roosevelt University. Academic Renewal is for undergraduate students seeking their first Roosevelt University bachelor’s degree only. The policy is applied on an individual basis.  In order to be considered for academic renewal, students must complete an Application for Academic Renewal, and submit it to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising, before they apply for readmission to Roosevelt University.

What you should know about Academic Renewal

When choosing this option to return to Roosevelt University, students should note the following:

  • The Academic Renewal option may be used only once in a student’s academic career at Roosevelt University.
  • The policy applies to students who have not been registered for coursework at Roosevelt University during the last three or more years.
  • A completed Application for Academic Renewal is required.
  • Undergraduate students are eligible for Academic Renewal only for their first bachelor’s degree at Roosevelt University.
  • Academic Renewal may have consequences for financial aid, and a financial aid counselor must be consulted early in the process.
  • Students may request an exclusion of the maximum of 30 semester hours of grades at the D+ level or lower for courses completed at Roosevelt University only.
  • No A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, Pass grades or coursework taken at other institutions will be considered.
  • Excluded grades will remain on the academic transcript and labeled as ‘Academic Renewal’.
  • Excluded grades will not count toward the total hours required for graduation or for any specific requirement.
  • The student will be readmitted in Good Standing after the approval of the completed Application for Academic Renewal and the exclusion of the grades.
  • Courses identified and retaken for academic renewal must have a grade of C or better.
  • Readmitted students must follow the degree requirements currently in effect.
  • Academic Renewal may not be available to all students in all degree programs.  A student granted Academic Renewal in one program might have it revoked if the student transfers to another program.  Students may contact the Office of Undergraduate Advising for detailed information on Academic Renewal in different academic programs. 
  • Graduate students, students seeking a second bachelor’s degree, and students who have been awarded a bachelor’s degree, cannot apply for academic  renewal at Roosevelt University.  

Steps to Follow when Applying for Academic Renewal

 Applying for Academic Renewal is a simple process.  Follow these steps:

  • Contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising to assist you with transcript review and to identify the courses to be excluded.  The Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising will connect you with a Financial Aid counselor to determine whether or not Academic Renewal will have any impact on Financial Aid Eligibility.
  • Complete and submit the application for Academic Renewal and submit it to with Academic Renewal and your name in the subject line.
  • The Dean's Office of your selected academic program will review and approve or deny the application.
  • All students are informed of the decision via the email address on the application. Approved applications are forwarded to the Office of the Registrar. 
  • When the The Office of the Registrar applies ‘Academic Renewal’ to the excluded courses and places the student in good standing.
  • Approved students are eligible to meet with an academic advisor and register for coursework.


 Contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising at