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Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences Faculty

The Department of Clinical and Administrative Science (CAS) is comprised of clinical faculty with established pharmacy practices in area hospitals, clinical science faculty who direct the pharmaceutical care labs, and administrative science faculty, all of whom teach core and electives courses in the PharmD program. Along with the department chair, the CAS faculty help establish practice plans for clinical services (including medication therapy management services); stimulate scholarly agendas across the department and into external sites; and, develop value-added services that support the practice communities in which students and faculty are engaged.

Jay Bogdan
Visiting Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Law

Cara Brock
Clinical Instructor Clinical Science

Sheron Chen
Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences

Craig Cooper
Assistant Professor, Cliincal Science Arts and Sciences

Kelli Covington
Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences

Department Chair
Melissa Hogan
Associate Professor, Clinical Science & Co-Director Labs

Abby Kahaleh
Associate Professor, Pharmacy Administration

Yana Labinov
Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences

Daniel Majerczyk
Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences

Jucimara Markoff
Clinical Instructor Clinical Science

Matthew Nelson
Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences

Bedrija Nikocevic
Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences

Prashant Sakharkar
Assistant Professor, Administration Sciences

Becky Young
Assistant Professor, Clinical Services