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Welcome to the Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy!

At the core of any strong doctoral program is a solid, well-developed curriculum and a talented, dedicated team of faculty. The curriculum has been designed to engage students in the learning process from the beginning. Group-based learning, interactive teaching and subject relevance make the curriculum distinctive. Unique curricular elements, including eleven Integrated Sequences, Interprofessional Practice Experiences, and the use of advanced technology make this three-year program dynamic and learning-centered.

The faculty in both the Biopharmaceutical Science, and Clinical and Administrative Science departments bring a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to a program that strives to prepare competent professionals to work in the dynamic and every-changing healthcare environment. Their work as teachers, scholars and clinicians constantly challenges students to produce and learn at the highest possible levels.

Please feel free to contact either of us with questions or comments about our Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Melissa Hogan Moji Adeyeye
Melissa Hogan, PharmD
Department Chair
Clinical and Administrative Sciences
Associate Professor, Clinical Sciences
Moji Adeyeye, PhD
Department Chair
Biopharmaceutical Sciences
Professor of Pharmaceutics