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Our Mission

In support of the University's mission of social justice, the College of Pharmacy embraces a patient-centered approach to learning that will produce graduates who are competent, committed, and compassionate. Roosevelt University pharmacists will be prepared to meet the universal vision of pharmacy practice, whereby pharmacists will be the health care professionals responsible for providing patient care that ensures optimal medication therapy outcomes.

Commitment: From Day One

Michelle Wachtor, PharmD candidate, receives advice during her first clinical rotation at Walgreen's Pharmacy in Barrington, IL, from pharmacist preceptor Michael Wiener. During the three years that students attend the Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy they will complete rotations at community, institutional, and short- and long-term care facilities and will graduate with over 1900 hours of practical pharmacy experience.

Competence: Group-Based Learning

Our classrooms serve as interactive learning centers where students are an active participant in the learning process. Students work in groups to complete a number of projects and assignments. Upon matriculation, each student receives a laptop computer which is used for all coursework and for most examinations.

Competence: Clinical Skills Laboratory

Like all health care practitioners, today's pharmacist must be certified to perform a number of procedures, including CPR, ACLS, and immunizations. The Clnical Skills laboratory allows students to obtain these skills in a controlled environment.

Commitment: New Facility

The College of Pharmacy occupies a newly-renovated 16,000 square foot facility that includes two high-technology interactive learning centers, a clinical skills laboratory, and faculty and staff offices. Two faculty research laboratories and one manufacturing laboratory have also been constructed for use by both faculty and students.

Compassion: White Coat Ceremony

The annual White Coat Ceremony represents the first of several entry points for students into the profession of pharmacy. A white coat worn by a pharmacist serves as a beacon for others to identify as an individual who has unique knowledge and expertise that relates to medications and their uses and outcomes, in the various populations who seek health and wellness.

College of Pharmacy Updates


The College of Pharmacy is proud to present the seventy-three newest members of its PharmD program.


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