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Congressional Updates

November 2011

A Congressional “Super Committee” currently is seeking to find $1.2 trillion in savings and Pell Grants may be at risk. If the Committee is unable to agree on spending reductions, across-the-board cuts would automatically be enacted, impacting nearly all student aid programs. In addition, the House budget proposals for FY 12 would drastically cut eligibility for students who receive Pell Grants.

This comes on the heels of action Congress took in April when it passed a budget for the remainder of FY11 that preserved Pell Grants at the maximum award level of $5,550 for the fall semester and cuts year-round Pell grants.

Since 1972, Pell Grants have provided thousands of low-income undergraduate students with an opportunity to achieve their dream of earning a college degree. Now this important program is being considered for cuts to help reduce the federal deficit. The Pell Grant Program is an essential tool for the nation’s economic vitality because it provides funds to help educate our future leaders.

At Roosevelt University 2,023 students received Pell Grants last year, so a loss of these funds would have a dramatic impact on our students and University.

Roosevelt University encourages you to contact your Representative and Senators and let them know you oppose reducing Pell Grants.