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Jannifer Armenta

Scholarship Spotlight: Jannifer Elaine Armenta

Posted: 08/09/2012

By Linda Sands | From the Spring 2012 issue of Roosevelt Review

It seems appropriate that Jannifer Armenta should be majoring in hospitality management at Roosevelt University, since during the early years of her life, her family moved from place to place fairly frequently. One grasps more fully the concept of hospitality when challenged with acclimating to many new places and faces.

Armenta began her college career at Northern Arizona University. At first, she was undecided about what career path she should take. She had some interest in psychology, but was shy about entering the hospitality industry, which she knew to be labor intensive, having observed the work of her mother and grandmother. But in the end she realized that her calling was indeed in the hospitality industry—the same field her mother and grandmother chose. However, Armenta’s particular interest lies with special events.

Chicago’s fast-paced way of life and big-city culture plus Roosevelt’s excellent reputation in the hospitality management field, enticed Armenta to make a move to Chicago to complete her college career at Roosevelt. At first, the city seemed a bit scary because she was used to living in mainly small towns and cities in Kansas and the northern and southwestern parts of the United States.

At Roosevelt, she received an excellent scholarship package, which included an award from the Dr. Scholl Foundation Scholarship Program. Armenta acknowledges that without this and other scholarship support, she would have been unable to pursue her dream of becoming a special events director for a hotel, corporation or small venue, such as an art gallery.

Armenta has great admiration for the women in her family who have influenced her life. Her mother, who never had an opportunity to attend college, is an executive chef at an exclusive lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Her grandmother runs her own catering company, after operating restaurants and cafes for many years. The Roosevelt student admires her almost 60-year-old grandmother’s passion for her work and abundant energy.

After graduation, Armenta plans to leave Chicago. She likes living here, but considers it another interesting chapter in her life. She most likely will return to the southwest or possibly California where she can hike and explore the great outdoors. She loves to travel and would like to experience various cultures, learning how people live and conduct their daily lives.

Armenta is a positive person who believes that people need to keep moving forward and not sell themselves short. She is a member of Roosevelt’s Delta Gamma Pi sorority, whose motto, “In diversity there is beauty and strength” is taken from one of Maya Angelou’s poems. Armenta’s travels have certainly taught her that this is true.

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