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Heller Fellows

Heller Fellows: On a path to education and future careers in business and entrepreneurship

Posted: 09/25/2012
Eight incoming Roosevelt University freshmen who are interested in an education and careers in business have been named this fall as Heller Fellows by the University’s Heller College of Business. (Five of the fellows are pictured above from left:  Alexander Longo, Lane Mita, Carlita Kelly, Jess Naber and Azalea Jones).

Awarded start-up scholarships and designated by the College as promising model student leaders, the inaugural group of students, all recent high school graduates, includes:   Jordan Gosztola of Osceola, Ind.; Zoe Harmon of Fremont, Mich.; Azalea Jones of West Bloomfield, Mich.; Carlita Kelly of Chicago; Alexander Longo of Park Ridge, Ill.; Lane Mita of Skokie, Ill.; Jess Naber of Merrimack, N.H.; and John Rae of Marietta, Ga.

“Our new Heller Fellows program is giving young people just coming out of high school the opportunity to discover what a business education and the business world are all about,” said Terri Friel, dean of the Heller College.  ”We are pleased to welcome these high-achieving students who have shown an aptitude and interest in business into our college and University.”

Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, the Heller College has all-new facilities on floors 10 through 12 of the University’s new Wabash Building, which also has 16 floors of student housing where many of the Heller Fellows now live.

“Part of what drew me to Roosevelt was the fact that the University has this new building,” said Rae.  The Heller Fellow lives on the Wabash Building’s 20th floor. “I wanted to be one of the first students to live in the new building,” he said. “I also knew I had a head for business. My dad always told me that and the Roosevelt experience has convinced me to develop my talent.”

Some of the new Heller Fellows first visited the College’s new headquarters last spring for a weekend workshop, which introduced graduating high school seniors to the many opportunities that are possible for undergraduate business majors, including making a difference as social entrepreneurs.

“I was going to try Roosevelt out because of its sports program,” said Mita, who plays soccer this season with the Roosevelt Lakers and lives on the Wabash Building’s 21st floor. “I decided to go into business because of all the fun we had during the weekend visit.”

Heller College offers the region’s first degree programs in social entrepreneurship, a field in which invention and product development are aimed at solving social problems.  As part of the curricula, students learn to make ethical choices and are encouraged to develop products and programs that will improve the human condition.

 “I was 95 percent sure I wanted to come to Roosevelt because I fell in love with the city,” added Naber. An accounting major, the Heller Fellow lives on the Wabash Building’s 30th floor. “After I visited the Heller College and met with some of the faculty and staff, I was 105 percent sure that this is the place for me,” she said.

Heller College will be offering scholarships for 2013-14 to promising high school graduates through the Heller Fellows program, which takes place Oct. 13 and 14 at Roosevelt University. During the program, prospective students will be encouraged to develop and market products and will also learn about planning, team problem solving and many other business skills.
For more information about the program and/or to visit the University through the Heller Fellows program, contact Assistant Dean Kristin Nance at 312-281-3326 or at