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The Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation

Programming that
raises consciousness

Programming that raises consciousness
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Mansfield in Action

Mansfield in Action (Initiatives)

The Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation’s (MISJT) broad mission is to raise awareness of social injustice while engaging in action-oriented projects that lead to progressive social change.

Our specific focus is on dismantling the cradle to prison pipeline. This pipeline is a result of long standing racial, social, economic and political inequalities in America and works to funnel poor children of color toward nihilism and incarceration instead of hope and productive adulthood. Within our current neoliberal economic order in which funding is shifting away from programs that address human need toward private industry, we see a growing list of risk factors that undermine the youths’ life chances.

MISJT at Roosevelt University is committed to programming that will raise awareness of the prison pipeline, the larger political, economic, and racial context and the social change needed in order to help our youth – ALL youth – get on a path toward hope, not incarceration. To this end, the Mansfield Institute is committed to supporting the action-based work of our community partners through research, activism and advocacy.

The Mansfield initiatives listed below address the cradle-to-prison pipeline and include a myriad of collaborative projects within the greater Chicago area

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