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Policy for Events in the Murray-Green Library

1. In general, the Reading Room cannot be used for non-library events during regular library hours when classes are in session.

2. Occasional use of the South Alcove of the Reading Room during regular library hours when classes are in session may be approved for special events at the discretion of the University Librarian. The rest of the library will remain open for student use during such events. Signs will be posted several days in advance notifying students that quiet study will not be available in the Reading Room on the day of the event.

3. Requests for non-library events in the Reading Room when the library is closed or between semesters will be considered by the University Librarian.

4. A reservation form must be completed and submitted to the University Librarian for consideration at least one month prior to the event.

5. Access to the rest of the library outside of the Reading Room by participants is restricted to the women’s restroom if an event is held before or after library hours.

6. Student groups in attendance at events in the Reading Room outside of regular library hours must be chaperoned by an adequate number of university employees.

7. A confirmed security plan may be required for some events.

8. All details for the event are handled by the requestor.

a. See Conference & Event Services for details about policy and procedures for co-sponsored events and outside rental events.

b. Campus Safety should be contacted to arrange for any entry to the library that may be required before it opens and to ensure that the library is properly locked, if an event is held after the library’s regular hours. Attendance of security guards, if needed, must be arranged with Campus Safety by the event planners.

c. Physical Resources should be contacted to arrange for room set-up prior to the event and for clean-up and restoration of the library to its original state after the event. All set-up and tear down activities should occur on the day of the event, as close as possible to the actual event in order to minimize disruption of the library during its regular hours. The library must be notified (x3640) of the expected time for set-up at least one week in advance.

d. ETRC should be contacted for any A-V or public address equipment required.

e. Contact Dining Services for all catering needs:
To coordinate catering, please contact Kathleen Mordecai, Catering Manager at
312-341-6576 or
If you need to contact the dining center manager, please contact Bill Reich, at
312-341-6576 or