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Library Use Statement

Library facilities are for the use of the students (including those registered in the College Excel and College Bridge programs), faculty and staff of Roosevelt University, members of the Roosevelt University Alumni Association, and the students, faculty and staff of other I-Share schools and Jones Magnet High School.

Use of the library by others is allowed at the discretion of library personnel. Although the University strives to provide an open, academic environment, loiterers are required to leave when requested by Campus Safety and University officials.1

Beginning May 5, 2014 all guests including students, alumni, faculty and staff of other I-Share schools are required to show a state-issued photo i.d. or passport to obtain a guest pass to the building.

All library users are asked to comply with the Conditions of Use for Library Public Access Computers Policy.

Library Rules of Conduct

The Roosevelt University’s Code of Student Conduct1 applies to all users of the library. In addition, the following rules also apply to all users of the library:

Users will refrain from:

  • Use of loud, obscene, or abusive language.
  • Use of audio players (with or without the use of personal earphones) at a volume that can be heard by others in the library.
  • Conducting cell phone conversations within the library. Cell phones should be kept on silent or vibrate in the library.
  • Monopolizing library resources or facilities.
  • Eating near equipment and consuming beverages without a cap or lid.
  • Mutilation or damage of library materials, equipment, and property.
  • Leaving children under the age of 18 unattended in the library1.

Roosevelt University Student Handbook (pg. 7)

Thank you for your cooperation!