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How do I find my I-94?

In order to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and streamline the admissions process, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has automated Form I-94 at airports and sea-ports of entry. The I-94 used to be issued as a paper card and inserted in the passport as proof of legal status in the U.S. It was collected when you left to record your departure from the U.S.  The paper form  will no longer be provided when you enter the U.S.  Students who arrived in the U.S. before April 2013 may still have the paper card.

With I-94 automation you must make sure that your passport is stamped when you enter the U.S. with 

  • your arrival date
  • your admission status (F-1 or J1) 
  • "D/S" for duration of status. 

Please make sure that you can read the stamp before leaving port of entry. 

You should print the I-94 for your records from the CBP website.  You will need your I-94 information if you will be employed on-campus, need to apply for a Social Security Number or Illinois Driver's Licence, and before completing any employment paperwork. 

For more information please see the I-94 factsheet or video on How to download an I-94.