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Confirming or Validating Your Cell Phone Registration

To register for Roosevelt's text messaging service you must complete two steps. The first step registers your name in the database as a member, and the second step validates your cell phone number. If you complete the first step but not the second, you are not yet a confirmed user and you will not receive emergency messages. Here's how to check, and if necessary update your account.

  1. To check your registration, go to and log in using the username and password you selected when you signed up initially. If you can't remember your password, click the "Forgot your password" link for assistance. If you can't remember your username or if for any other reason are unable to log in, contact the help desk for assistance (312-341-4357, or online).

  2. After successfully logging into the e2Campus system, you should see your personal user dashboard. Click the Services tab.

  3. On the Services page, look in the top section, labeled SMS (Text Messaging). If you see your cell phone number listed there, and there is a green Active label in the Status column, your membership is working and you're done! Click the Logout link to exit the system.

  4. If you do not see a cell phone number listed in the SMS (Text Messaging) section you will need to add one using the spaces provided. Important: You must have your cell phone with you to complete this process. In the box under the label "Add a mobile phone," enter your cell phone number, including the area code. Then select your carrier from the drop-down list. Click the Addbutton to submit your number to the system.

  5. At this point you will see a web form giving you an opportunity to enter a validation code. Do not close this window -- you will need it to validate your phone number. Within a few moments you should receive a text message on your cell phone containing a 4-digit validation code. Don't use the 5-digit message that appears in the From line; instead, open the message and use the 4-digit number that appears there. If you don't receive this message you may have entered your phone number information incorrectly, or your cell plan may not include text messaging. Either check your information and resubmit, or contact your provider.

  6. When you receive the text message containing your 4-digit confirmation code, enter the code in the space provided on the web page and follow the prompts to complete the confirmation process. Now you should be fully registered. You can return to this site at any time to modify your settings or add new cell phone numbers.