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Active Alert

Active Alert is a program that runs on your computer and displays emergency messages sent by Campus Security. Active Alert runs on Windows and Mac PCs, and can be installed on both Roosevelt computers and personal computers. Active Alert can be downloaded here:

Once you download, install, and run the program, Active Alert will run in the background and periodically (every 60 seconds) poll the emergency messaging system for new messages. When a new message is available, Active Alert will sound an alert and scroll the message along the bottom of your computer display. The message will scroll 4 times and then disappear. It will look similar to this:

Active Alert Test Image

Click the X to close the message.

Active Alert can display links in the message. Click on the link to visit the web page. The link is indicated by the blue color of the text.

Active Alert Test Link

Active Alert can also display images from a web page.

Active Alert Test Image