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Hiring a New Employee

This page to aide you in getting your new employee connected to the Roosevelt University community.

Congratulations! You've gone through the hiring process and you have a new employee starting soon. But they need an email address, a voice mail box and more!

Check! First, work with Human Resources to prepare and submit the Personnel Action Form (PAF) and any other hiring paperwork for your new employee. This also holds true for temporary employees or consultants who are hired to act as university employees - these employees are classified as  "ZZ -Non RU Compensated" employees. When HR completes the new employee's employment record, the Banner system will automatically generate an RU email address that is unique to the new employee and send out an email to ITS that a new employee has been hired.

Check! Next, submit the online New Employee Fom to activate the email address, configure a voice mail box and a computer for your new employee's use and to provide a long distance code is necessary. We require at least three (3) business days to process a submitted New Employee Form after receiving the Banner notification that a new employee has been hired. 

If a new telephone is required for your new employee, that request can also be made on the New Employee Form. If a new computer is required, please contact Tim Hopkins at New computers to be added to the Technology Pool for new positions should be requested during the Technology Pool process during the annual Planning and Budget process to ensure appropriate funding is available. NOTE: It takes six (6) weeks for a computer to be ordered, received, configured and delivered.

Check! After the New Employee Form has been processed, the person who submitted the form will recieve an email from ITS noting the new employee's email address and default password and providing a link to the New Employees ITS webpage. If a new telephone number has also been requested, the new number will also be included. Please print this email out for your new employee and/or forward it to their alternate email address.

Check! The last thing you need to do to get your new employee connected is to have their location, telephone and fax numbers added to the online directory. Departmental staff have been assigned and trained to submit this information into the Banner system. If you don't know who in your department is responsible for this, please ask your department head.