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Getting Started

Your NetID: Network Credentials (or how you log onto the network)

Your username and the default password have been provided to you by the department secretary or your supervisor. Upon logging in for the first time, please change the password by pressing CTRL-ALT-Delete and following the prompts.

To ensure the security of your account, NetID passwords cannot be reset over the phone. Please also take a moment to enroll in the Password Recovery Tool by going to then logging in with your NetID and clicking on the Enrollment Tab to set up your security questions and answers. Once done, if you should forget your NetID password in the future, you can visit to recover it. If you have trouble with the Password Recover Tool, please call the Help Desk at 312-341-HELP (x4357).

Email Information

Your email address is your NetID:  and has been provided to you by the department secretary or your supervisor. To access your email from your office computer, simply double click on the Outlook icon. You may also access your email account from any computer, on or off-campus, using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or other web browser at Just log on with your network credentials (see the above paragraph).

To configure your smartphone to access your email account, you will need to know a few settings for Active Sync:

Domain: roosevelt\(your NetID username)


Use secure connection (SSL) and accept all certificates

Restricted Access Areas

Most of what you need can be found under the Faculty and Staff tab from the University's main webpage: However, some of the University's webpages are limited to restricted access, such as the ITS forms webpage. When you reach such a "Restricted Access Area", you may request the userID and password by using the reminder request located on the login page. The authorization info will only be sent to a valid email address.

To gain access to the intranet when off campus, you will need to enter the number found on your Roosevelt University ID card above the barcode. The number starts with 23311 followed by your 9-digit ID number (e.g., 233119########). You obtain your ID card from the Registrar's Office.

RU Access

This is the University's main self-service database for financial, student, and human resource information. To gain access, you need to enter your 9-digit ID number and your RU Access password (different from your Network ID password).

RU Files

This is the University's shared drive. Everyone is automatically provided with their own RU Files folder under their own name. You access RU Files using your NetID.

Phone Information

From any university telephone you may call another by dialing the last four digits of the number. To call outside of the University, dial "9" first to get an outside line, then "1" and the ten digit number. For more information on how to use  your phone, please visit our telephone webpage.

Voice Mail

You may access your voicemail box from your office phone by dialing 2000 or by pressing the “messages” button. The default security code is 12345. The system will walk you through changing your security code, identifying your voicemail box, and recording an outgoing greeting for your mail box.

You may also access your voicemail box from any other phone, on campus or off. To access your voicemail from another campus VoIP phone:

  1. dial 2000;
  2. when prompted for your ID, enter your extension followed by #;
  3. enter your voicemail PIN followed by # and listen for instructions on how to access your messages.

To access your voicemail from off-campus:

  1. dial 1-312-341-2000; 2) when your call goes to voicemail enter your 4-digit extension followed by #;
  2. enter your voicemail PIN followed by # and listen for instructions on how to access your messages.

For more information on voicemail, please visit our voicemail webpage.

Microsoft Maintenance

On approximately the second Tuesday of each month, Microsoft pushes upgrades through the system at around three o'clock in the morning. Therefore, to save yourself time in the beginning of your day, please do not turn off your computer at the end of the day - just turn off  your monitor. The computer will go into sleep mode (energy-saving)  and then wake up when an upgrade is pushed through the system in the wee hours of the morning.