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Software Policy

Computer Labs and Computer Classrooms

Roosevelt University provides computing equipment for student and instructional use in computer labs, computer classrooms, and selected extended technology classrooms. We also provide mobile computers for delivery to classrooms that are not otherwise equipped with computing and display systems, as well as laptop computers, by request. The software installed on these systems is selected on the basis of curricular needs analysis on the part of ITS staff, informed in part by requests from faculty and staff. The base installation includes standard software found on all workstations. In addition, special software may be installed to meet the needs of particular programs. The following policies apply to lab software:

  • The base installation includes a collection of standard software available on all RU machines. There are  some system-dictated differences between the standard Windows computers and the Macintosh machines used in certain labs. For a list of software installed in labs and classrooms please see Currently Installed Software.

  • In some cases special software not part of the base installation can be installed to meet special needs. This is subject to network capacity, disk space and other technical resources issues. Special requests should be submitted using the online software request form, on the Forms page. Questions about this process should be directed to

  • No software will be installed in the labs and classrooms that is not in full compliance with all copyright and licensing restrictions. Software acquired by faculty or academic departments for use in the labs must be accompanied by documentation verifying the license. Trial or evaluation copies of software cannot be installed for student use.

  • Purchase of special-purpose software will be charged to the budget of the requesting department. ITS cannot purchase or license software without approval from the appropriate budget manager.

  • Lab and classroom software is reinstalled by ITS staff a few weeks before the start of each term. No software may be installed except through this process, and only by authorized persons. Software installation in the labs and classrooms on the part of faculty or students is not permitted. In addition, no installed software may be deleted or reconfigured except by authorized ITS technicians. Failure to follow these policies violates the University's Acceptable Resource Use policy.