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Residence Hall Internet, Telephone and Television Services

All service, support and billing for the Residence Hall rooms is handled through Access Media3. Please contact them directly at 866-263-3241.

The latest service packages, along with pricing, are listed in a brochure available at the Office of Residence Life, on the 14th Floor of the Wabash Building.

All residents receive free wireless Internet and television services. If you choose, you can upgrade the Internet or television service, or both.

Residence room telephone service, featuring call forwarding, call waiting, and unlimited local calling, is also available through Access Media 3. A monthly charge will be incurred for this service.


Wabash Building Residence Halls - Cable TV, Internet and Phone FAQs

Who is the provider for Wireless and Wired Internet, television, and landline telephone service?

Access Media 3 (AM3) is the contracted service provider. You can contact them 24 hours a day for service and support at 866-263-3241.  Make sure to provide them with your room number and the network jack number to help expedite your request. 


How do I connect to the wireless network in the residence hall?

The wireless network in the residence hall is named RURESLIFE. Use the network settings on your device to find and connect to it. There is no authentication necessary.


Is there a different wireless network outside of the residence hall?

Yes, the wireless network on WB floors 1-14, as well as on all the other University buildings is RUWIFI. This is a separate network from RURESLIFE.  If you don’t know the connection key (emails are sent each year announcing the new key), contact the Help Desk, 312-341-4357 and requires a password and authentication.  Once connected, open a browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer and browse to a website to test your connectivity.

 Is there a wired Internet network available?

Yes, as a resident you automatically receive wired Internet service. The download speed is set to 3mb/second. Note – it might take up to two minutes to successfully connect for the very first time, please be patient. If you would like to upgrade your service, packages are available from AM3. Please contact them at 866-263-3241. Ethernet cables are available for purchase at the bookstore.


I have multiple wired/wireless devices.  How can I connect them all?

If residents want to use multiple wireless devices, they would have to purchase their own personal wireless router that can host multiple devices.  This will allow them to have several wired/wireless devices in addition providing a stronger wireless service in your room.


What television service is available?

All residents receive a free standard package of satellite television channels (via DirecTV). See the AM3 brochure for channel listings. The brochure also includes upgrade options.  When connecting your TV for the first time, perform a channel search/discovery from your onscreen TV menu.  For service and troubleshooting information, contact AM3 at 866-263-3241.  For the latest channel guide, visit


How’s the cell phone coverage in the Residence Hall floors?

Like other high rise buildings in Chicago, the service varies depending on the provider (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and the like), and your location in the building.  If you determine you need a traditional phone line in your room, please contact AM3 at 866-263-3241 to request it.  There is an additional $26/month charge for this service.  An analog phone can be purchased separately from the bookstore.



Updated Academic Year 2013-2014