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Working From Off-Campus

Many services are available to enable you to work from a remote location (e.g., from home, while traveling, etc.). 


One of the most important needs people have is access to email. We provide several ways of accessing your email when you’re not in the office. First, from any web browser, visit That’s the home page for Roosevelt email. Login with your NetID to access your email, calendar, and contacts. 

In addition to viewing your email through the browser, you can also setup your personal cell phone to access Roosevelt email. Typically you’ll only need to know two special pieces of information to set up email. One is the server address: The other is the domain: roosevelt You’ll also need to provide your user name and password. Different phones have different options for email, so make sure you look through them all and customize your phone for how you want it to interact with your email account. 

If you have a university cell phone, your email account was setup on your phone. It’s a good idea to look through all of the options and customize how the phone works with your email. Your phone’s plan also includes unlimited text messaging. 

Access to Files

While access to email is as easy as launching a web browser, access to files requires a little more planning. Depending on where your files are, you’ll need to decide how best to access them. 

If you store files in RU Files, you can access them from anywhere by visiting and logging in with your NetID. 

If you have a desktop at work, you may need a GoToMyPC account ($146 yearly, paid for by your department). GoToMyPC allows you to access your work desktop from any computer. The advantage to this service is that you have full access to your work desktop, including all programs and files. The disadvantage, in addition to the added cost to your budget, is that it’s slower than if you were actually working at your computer. An alternative to GoToMyPC is VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. With a VPN account, and the VPN software installed on your home computer, you can access any Roosevelt system as if you were on-campus. This includes Time Tech, Argos, the Intranet, etc. The disadvantages to VPN include the necessity to have the VPN client installed on the computer you’ll be working on. You can request a VPN account using this form.

Voice Mail

You can dial in to your Voice Mail to check for messages. However, since all voice mail messages are delivered as email attachments, by checking your email you are, in effect, checking your voice mail.


RU Files is the supported option for file collaboration. For voice and short text messages, a university-wide tool is available, the Cisco Personal Communicator (on the Mac it’s called Cisco Jabber). The communicator works with the phone system, allowing you to place and receive calls as if you were using your desk phone. You can also chat, and even send files, with other Personal Communicator users. To use this off-campus you will need a VPN connection.

[Edited 2014-02-14]