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Accessing the RU Network from Off-Campus

Many applications, files, and systems are located internally and protected by Roosevelt University's firewall.  This means those applications, files, and systems cannot be accessed from computers located outside of the network connection off campus.

Situations arise where individuals may have to access resources from off campus, and there are options to allow those individuals access to what they need.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)


  • Request form and supervisor approval
  • An internet connection
  • Software client to be installed on the off-campus computer that needs access
  • A Roosevelt network userID and password

Access:  Same access to all resources as if the individual was on campus EXCEPT specialized software installed on Roosevelt computers.



  • Approval from ITS
  • Software installed on the on-campus computer
  • An internet connection

Access:  The on-campus computer and all software installed on that computer. Allows for remote access to that computer only.



  • An internet connection and a web browser
  • A Roosevelt ID # for authentication

Access:  Intranet content only