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Phone Tips & Long Distance Codes

Making Internal Calls

From any university telephone you may call another by dialing the last four digits of the number.

Making External Calls

To call outside of the University, dial "9" first to get an outside line, then "1" and the 10-digit telephone number.

Voice Mail Access


You may access your voicemail box from your office phone by dialing 2000 or by pressing the "messages" button. The default security code is 12345. The system will walk you through changing your security code, identifying your voicemail box, and recording an outgoing greeting for your mail box.

Off-Campus or Away from your Office

You may also access your voicemail box from any other phone, on campus or off. To access your voicemail from another campus VoIP phone:

  1. Dial 2000 (or from off-campus, dial 312-341-2000)
  2. When prompted for your ID, enter your 4-digit extension folowed by #
  3. Enter your voicemail PIN following by # and listen for instructions on how to access your messages

For more information on how to use your phone, please visit our telephone web page.

Long Distance Codes

If a long distance authorization code was requested upon your behalf, your code was emailed to your Roosevelt University email account.

Phone Types

University telephones were set up to make certain calls, therefore your ability to make a long distance call will depend on what telephone you are making the call from:

  • In-house phones can only call in-house using 4 digit extensions
  • Most office telephones have been provided with domestic long distance calling ability
  • A few office and conference room telephones have been provided with international calling ability.

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