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Student Email Information

How do I get a student email account?

You do not need to submit a special request in order to get your student email account.

Effective January, 27th, 2014, email accounts are created when a student is admitted to the University. The admitted student will receive a welcome message with login credentials and instructions. Typically, the new Mail account will be created within 24 hours after being admitted to the University.

How do I access my student email account?

A student's email address ( is created when their Application is admitted to the University. At that point, a welcome message is sent to the new student's personal email address on file with log in information.

1. To log in to Mail, go to  Click the "Click here to login" link. You will then be redirected to the hosted email login page.

2. Your user name (organizational account) is your complete Mail address, e.g.,

3. Your password is the password you entered when you first setup your account. If you are accessing your account for the first time, your password is:

your birth date in RUmmddyy! format (example: Feb 24, 1975 = RU022475!)

If you've setup your account but have forgotten your password, please contact the Help Desk (312-341-4357) directly for assistance.

Can I forward my Mail account so that all messages get delivered to another account (for example, my personal Hotmail account)?

Yes, the Student Email Policy allows for forwarding of your Mail account. Login to your account and use the Help icon to search for forwarding. Instructions are also available here:

What is my Mail password?

Your initial password was set to your birth date in the format (RUmmddyy!). If you are still unable to log in, or if you've forgotten your password, please contact the Help Desk (312-341-4357) directly for assistance. 

IMPORTANT: Once you log in to Mail, you should change your password. The passwords for RU Access and Mail are not synchronized. Changes to the password in one system are not sent to other systems.

How much space do I have in my mailbox?

The mailbox size for each user is limited to 25GB. A status bar on the screen informs the user how much space is currently available.

What is my Mail address?

Your Mail address is listed in RU Access. Log in to RU Access and under the Personal Information tab, click on the View Email Addresses link. Your Mail account will be listed there.