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Self-serve Password Recovery Enrollment

Recovering a lost network/email password just became easier (and more secure). We are pleased to announce a new service that, after you enroll, will allow you to recover or reset your password 24 hours a day. This service takes the place of calling the Help Desk for password resets.

Once you login, click on the Enrollment tab

Enrollment process

To use this service, you must first enroll by setting two security questions/answers. These questions/answers are how you will verify your identity should you ever need to recover a lost password. Choose memorable questions and answers and ideally ones that are known only to you.

Recovery/reset process

Should you lose your password or need to reset it (which you have to do every 6 months), visit and follow the prompts to recover/reset the password. Important: when you change your password, and if you have other devices like a phone or a tablet that you use to check email, make sure you change it there, too.

Why we’re making this change

While Spam, Malware, and viruses get most of the press when it comes to hacking attempts, one of the easiest and most successful ways people gain unauthorized access to accounts is via social engineering. This can be as simple as merely asking someone for their password or it may be more elaborate and consist of impersonating another person. There was a highly-publicized recent example involving Apple and Amazon, and you can read the first-person account here:

Putting the power to perform password resets solely in the hands of the user neatly eliminates this type of hack while also removing the restrictions faced when help resources may not be available to you.

After June 1, 2013, all password recovery/resets must be done either via this Self-service Password tool or in-person at AUD 642 (or with a Desktop Support technician at Schaumburg or Gage).